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September 30, 2009

Lil Annie Oakley:  A Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzer of Wide Acclaim

Marian Harding’s Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers are hearty, sociable and elegant top producers with impeccable pedigrees.

Knoxville, Tennessee, October 1, 2009  – Hardinhaus, a distinguished member of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, is a prefix to watch for.  Marian Harding’s pride and joy, Lil Annie Oakley, is the top producing living breeding female dog of the entire United States of America since 2004, and she shows no signs of abating.

Lil Annie Oakley carries the sought after black and silver gene that accentuates the already distinguished appearance of miniature schnauzers.  Marian Harding’s Lil Annie Oakley, a champion herself, has already produced eleven other champion miniature schnauzers.  Lil Annie Oakley is testament to the fact that a Hardinhaus miniature schnauzers is a dog lover’s assurance of experienced handling and extraordinary breeding.

If Marian Harding’s seasoned American Kennel Club veterans are not enough, Hardinhaus has an impressive supply of miniature schnauzer puppies that that will elicit coos of delight from even the most world-weary of dog fanciers.  Marian Harding is sure that Lil Annie Oakley’s brood is sure to give Lil Annie a run for her money.

Kurt Garmaker, celebrated dog handler, works with Marian Harding producing these extraordinary animals.  "These are solid dogs with a solid pedigree," says Kurt, "evidenced by gaining AKC titles in short order. " Other champion-producing stars in Marian Harding’s lineup include Ch. Hardinhaus Casino Belle, Ch. Hardinhaus Cast In Stone, and Ch. Hardinhaus Simply Superb, who finished her champion in two weekends – with all majors.  Marian Harding features an impressive array of studs also.

Hardinhaus has been breeding quality miniature schnauzers since 1980,  home raising all of the puppies to ensure health and temperament.  Marian Harding is an avid member of the AMSC with a wealth of canine knowledge.  She may be contacted directly in Knoxville, Tennessee.

About Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers

Marian Harding has been breeding miniature Schnauzers for almost thirty years. As the owner of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, this Tennessee breeder focuses on top quality show puppies as well as good natured house pets. All puppies are home raised until they are at least eight weeks of age and come with a health and temperament guarantee. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers also offers stud service and adult dogs in addition to puppies being offered for sale.

Marian Harding says that there are many features that attract people to Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers. Their furry coat, distinct beard and moustache and prancing personality always attract a crowd. They are perky and alert and are very affectionate and almost childlike in their mannerisms. 

Contact Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers :

Marian Harding

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers

4637 Blairwood Dr.

Knoxville, TN 37938

Telephone: 865-922-0522 or 865-207-6199

Website: http://www.hardinhaus.com


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