About Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers

Marian Harding has been breeding miniature Schnauzers for almost thirty years. As the owner of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, this Tennessee breeder focuses on top quality show puppies as well as good natured house pets. All puppies are home raised until they are at least eight weeks of age and come with a health and temperament guarantee. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers also offers stud service and adult dogs in addition to puppies being offered for sale.

Marian Harding says that there are many features that attract people to Miniature Schnauzers. Their furry coat, distinct beard and moustache and prancing personality always attract a crowd. They are perky and alert and are very affectionate and almost childlike in their mannerisms.

They make excellent house dogs and adapt well to apartment living. They are both obedient and loyal and are plenty feisty when the need arises. While they make excellent family dogs, Marian Harding also points out that they are great companions for single people and they like activity.

Having a Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzer can almost be like having a child. While they need guidance to learn manners and obedience, owners enjoy their perky and playful personality. Investing energy through playtime, constructive games and affectionate attention develops an even more loving companion. They love to feel involved in family activities and will make trouble if they feel ignored says Marian Harding.

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers are highly intelligent and easy to train; they nevertheless have a fearless streak. Often, they will go up against much larger dogs. As with many breeds, they grow older they get more territorial. They will bark when they sense a threat, but Miniature Schnauzers are not prone to random or excessive noise. The ideal guard dog, their bark is much worse than their bite.


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